• Image of DJ Ev & Stretch Armstrong - "Back 2 Back" • Fall '96 MP3
  • Image of DJ Ev & Stretch Armstrong - "Back 2 Back" • Fall '96 MP3
  • Image of DJ Ev & Stretch Armstrong - "Back 2 Back" • Fall '96 MP3

From the early 90's until the present day, there are few DJ's that have had such an impact on music as the world famous DJ Stretch Armstrong.

DJ Ev was granted the opportunity to make a mixtape with Stretch in the fall of '96. By teaming their DJ abilities and industry networks, the iconic DJ Stretch Armstrong and DJ Ev released this game-changing mixtape "Back 2 Back". This tape was deemed an "instant classic" by fellow DJ's, producers and hip-hop fans.

This mixtape is loaded with special guest artist features, exclusive music and explosive displays of DJ skill, all put together by Stretch and DJ Ev in an amazing, action-packed mixtape style.

Listen to the "Back 2 Back" intro below:

A digitally remastered, MP3 version of this entire mixtape is available on a custom DJ Ev USB flash drive (shown in photo).

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